Rihanna Sent Chris Brown An Adorable Message After He Rocked The BET Awards.

Just because Rihanna wasn’t at the BET Awards, doesn’t mean she missed Chris Brown’s amazing performance

Rihanna sent Chris a sweet text after his BET Awards performance on July 1.

“Rihanna texted Chris early monday morning and the text said ‘you nailed it good job,’”

RiRi sent him a text wishing him luck before the performance saying: “Im thinkin about ya; good luck tonight :).” They are so supportive of each other!

Chris went out and celebrated until 3 a.m after his BET wins and amazing performance.

And clearly he’s feeling inspired from all the good vibes surrounding him because he tweeted “personality” with a twitpic of a painting he’s working on.

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Rihanna Sexy Ads For Armani + Body Double Rumors

Rihanna looks unbelievably sexy in new ads for Armani.

The commercial finds Rihanna rolling around in Armani undies, but the Sun claimed her breasts and arse actually belong to model Jahnassa Aicken.

The Sun said Jahnassa signed a nondisclosure agreement and that she filled in while the singer filmed her “We Found Love” video in Northern Ireland.

Infuriated, Rihanna tweeted, “Who is Jahnassa,” then pointedly, “Does she have a tat on her hand too??” Clearly there is no love lost between the two.

Rihanna previously slammed the tabloid as “ass-hair” and “full of shit” after it claimed she would scrap her U.K. festival gigs … good times.

The singer launched into an profane rant against UK celebrity gossip tabloid The Sun on her Twitter page, bashing it for asserting such a thing.

“Ok @thesunnewspaper, this is the only way I could say this to you!!! F—K YOU AND yo baggy ass condom,” tweeted the 24-year-old star.

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Drake’s New Song [Referring To Chris Brown?]

The battle between Drake and Chris isn’t over yet! Lyrics to a new Drake song sound as though the rapper is rhyming about his alleged altercation with Chris at W.i.P. Nightclub on June 14!

Chris Brown and Drake are infamous for making their music personal, so could Drake be releasing a new song based on their infamous Nightclub brawl that took place on June 14?

Drake recently released a personal video of himself smoking a hookah while listening to 45 seconds of his own new music!

The new song features lyrics such as, ”talking arithmetic in the club.” Could Drake be rapping of calculations on how he would allegedly attack Chris?

Drake continued his verse with, “I seen all of your favorite girls naked.” This could very well be a nod to Drake’s relationship with Chris’ ex Rihanna

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Rihanna More Club Drama :: Security Guard Punches Paparazzo

Rihanna isn’t having the best club going experience lately.

A bodyguard for the singer and actress was caught assaulting a paparazzo in London on Sunday as she left a nightclub with female friends.

The large man, helping Rihanna and her party out of Mayfair’s upscale Whisky Mist lounge, threw a punch that sent one clamoring photog to the ground and it was all caught on tape. 

Indeed the pack of British shutterbugs overwhelmed Rihanna and her camp, as they were repeatedly asked to give the “S&M” singer space to walk. But the guard in question deals the blow well after RiRi is safe in her car.

Nearly two weeks ago, Rihanna was at the center of another club controversy: one involving rapper Drake and singer Chris Brown. 

In the wee hours of June 14, the famous men spiraled into a fight involving entourages for both, throwing liquor bottles and punches across private tablesa to Manhattan’s Club WIP.

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Rihanna Diagnosed With Mental illness, Journalists Displaying Similar Symptoms

In a turn of events that will shock both newborn babies and poor old Sir Terry Pratchett, Rihanna, the world’s favourite highly irresponsible popstar, has been diagnosed with a mental illness.

After spending most of the year finding new, increasingly stupid things for naughty teenage girls to emulate, according to friends Rihanna has now reached the point where she’s both physically and mentally exhausted and, apparently, ‘slightly lost’. If lost means ‘drunk at all times’ and slightly mean very, then it certainly tallies with the pictures of her hooked upto a drip that she keeps posting on Twitter. 

But drunk doesn’t necessarily mean mentally ill. You can be as drunk as a skunk and still function perfectly well. No, Rihanna’s problem isn’t that her confidence has the power of ten Bonos when she’s been drinking, or that the drugs she keeps posting pictures of herself taking are affecting her personality, no Rihanna is actually sick. Sick with narcissism.

According to a paper whose name rhymes with ‘brailley car’, a medical expert had this to say on the matter:

“Rihanna’s erratic behaviour could indicate that she suffers from NPD “Symptoms are an exaggerated sense of self importance and a need for constant admiration, which Rihanna shows by posting semi nude pics. 

“If she does have NPD, with counselling she could recognise the damage she’s causing.”

It’s certainly good news that Rihanna is potentially going to get the help she deserves now that she’s finally been diagnosed.

Rihanna In Her Underwear For Armani Campaign, This Time With Added Espionage



We’ve previously posted some pics of Rihanna modelling underwear for Armani, but here’s a new campaign in which she rolls around in bed before suggesting she’s either a spy or very bad time keeper by getting a reminder to go to the airport at 6.00 in mirror writing. There’s also a Polaroid picture of a sink, which is suspicious but probably suggests she’s got a weekend of DIY ahead or some such thing…
In further Rihanna news, Will Young has waded into the ‘does she have some kind of responsibility as a woman?’ debate by calling her ‘not a great role model’, saying:
“I don’t think Rihanna is a massively great role model for women, her lyrics aren’t empowering.
“She’s a brilliant popstar and recording artist but her lyrics are not empowering,young girls have to listen to those lyrics.
“Women in a patriarchal society should be empowering and owning their bodies; I don’t think Rihanna is. I feel quite strongly about this.”
He’ll change his mind when he sees this video. Especially considering Rihanna’s only taken her phone off the hook to avoid calls from Chris Brown.