Justin Theroux Proposed To Jennifer Aniston And She Said No!…..

Jennifer Aniston assumed that her romantic two week European vacation with boyfriend Justin Theroux would end in a proposal. After nights of quiet dinners and moonlight strolls, Justin finally popped the question but shockingly, Jenny reply with a No!
“She feels like she only got the proposal because she pushed for it,”

“She doesn’t want a guy marrying her because he feels some sort of pressure.”

As the two dined on June 13 at Paris’ famed Le Jules Verne restaurant, set high atop the Eiffel Tower, Jen eagerly waited for Justin to get down on bended knee. “When it didn’t happen Jen got upset, so they started bickering,” explained the insider.

Despite her disappointment, Jen tried to remain quiet in Paris, but ended up blowing up at Justin during the last night of their stay. “They fought about his commitment issues and she brought up a bunch of stuff,” revealed the insider. “He got defensive and stormed out, it was a big mess. They made up a few hours later, but it still ruined the mood of everything.”

Embarrassed by her outburst, Jen backed off of talking about marriage and focused on enjoying the next leg of their trip in Rome. While the two took a private tour of the Vatican, Justin realized that he’d made a mistake by not knowing that Jen was expecting a proposal. Hours later, “Justin totally shocked her and proposed,” said the insider.

Although touched by the gesture, Jen said no. “She told him she loves him and wants to marry him, but she couldn’t say yes,” explained the insider. “She wants everything to feel right, not rushed. She told him she feels like he’s not ready, but she is willing to wait for him.”

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