Rihanna Sent Chris Brown An Adorable Message After He Rocked The BET Awards.

Just because Rihanna wasn’t at the BET Awards, doesn’t mean she missed Chris Brown’s amazing performance

Rihanna sent Chris a sweet text after his BET Awards performance on July 1.

“Rihanna texted Chris early monday morning and the text said ‘you nailed it good job,’”

RiRi sent him a text wishing him luck before the performance saying: “Im thinkin about ya; good luck tonight :).” They are so supportive of each other!

Chris went out and celebrated until 3 a.m after his BET wins and amazing performance.

And clearly he’s feeling inspired from all the good vibes surrounding him because he tweeted “personality” with a twitpic of a painting he’s working on.

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Drake’s New Song [Referring To Chris Brown?]

The battle between Drake and Chris isn’t over yet! Lyrics to a new Drake song sound as though the rapper is rhyming about his alleged altercation with Chris at W.i.P. Nightclub on June 14!

Chris Brown and Drake are infamous for making their music personal, so could Drake be releasing a new song based on their infamous Nightclub brawl that took place on June 14?

Drake recently released a personal video of himself smoking a hookah while listening to 45 seconds of his own new music!

The new song features lyrics such as, ”talking arithmetic in the club.” Could Drake be rapping of calculations on how he would allegedly attack Chris?

Drake continued his verse with, “I seen all of your favorite girls naked.” This could very well be a nod to Drake’s relationship with Chris’ ex Rihanna

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