Freaky Friday [TGIF] + The Audio Jingle

Present :: Freaky Friday
It’s been awhile since Mx [Minna] have a feel of a wild party like this and this is a come back!

Gino is making it rock this friday! And we all will be saying TGIF!

So get ready to go freaky
-Strictly for ballers
-And a bevy of beauties


Veez Garden,London Street,Mx

Time :: 6:00pm

Gate Fee
Ladies Free


Supported by : Mo’BB,9jaBreed,Search Fm,Veez Garden,Hype Wear,Kulture Creations.

It’s Going to be TGIF!
Don’t Miss it!

[Download Here] Audio Jingle

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AGER Award Night

Federal University Of Technology Minna
School Of Agriculture
It’s been a ritual that’s being perform every year by the student of the school hosting and presenting awards. This year is not an exception.

The Director of socials [Dj Jboi] for the school is stepping the game up this year by introducing a new face to the yearly award.

Here’s a statement from him

On behalf of the entire exco of NAAS i the director of social want to invite you to our up coming AGER Award Night scheduled for the 13th of July 2012 at the indoor basket ball court of the school in GK.

Check this out:

1. Raffle draw by Estisalat and you stand a chance to win 6 blackberry only for the MVP’s and VIP’s

2. Slash in price of
– ice cream
-fried rice and chicken
-french fries
– french drinks
– And lots more by French Fries and Smooty

3. Sales of
-barbeque fish
– fish of different size
– chips and egg
By Just Fish

4. Sales Of:
Chicken suya
Cow suya
Marsa etc.
By Hadalla Suya Spot

5. Ebony beauty home: giving a 50% discount on hair do before the award wit your ticket and a gud make up before the red carpet paparazi

6. Red Carpet Paparaazi By Reobort Digital Home

-Da Jaycurb,
Martins from lagos,
-All Star Dance Crew
and Other Fut Artiste

Note: There will be free transport from bosso campus to Gk only for those with the ticket.

Proudly supported by
– Barbengeez
-Realest ideas design studios (RIDS)»SpellsMusic™
-4D Entertainment
-Just Fish

For more: info call : 08067995344
BB Pin : 295137D2

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FUTMX Gossip Of The Week

Funny how we react to issues around us.
These week 2 neighbours had to settle their quarrel in a very funny way. With rain of slap on the male neighbour by the female neighbour’s boy friend and bosso boys was invited by the slapped neighbour to come to his rescue but so unfortunately he’s the Boss and the bosso boys oooooops was unable to hurt their boss so they left,other neighbours came to help resolve the issues but “Boy Friend” was very angry and he needed to prove he’s the boss, he left and he return with his boys to kidnap his girlfriend’s neighbour and his friend too bad,ooooops.
Thank God for good neighbours around,after a little while of calling and pleading he later release them and later took the case to the police station and was later resolve with the police coming to arrest the neighbour and was released later that night.

FUTMX Weekly Gossip.

The just past week was filled with fun and some kind of funny event from fashion error to unkept beauty,let me hit you up real quickly.
Was standing in front of Environmental Complex with friends gisting having fun until “the rainbow brother” came, it was funny, from his shoes,to every other thing on him,the hair cut,bag and many more,you don’t want to be a laughing stock believe me,”he who laugh last laugh best they say,but not when you’re the laughing stock. So please make use of your mirror or your neighbour’s before hitting the road to school if not,you know wasup.

Girls wasup? ooooooops after spending that long hours dressing up what happen to that little moment you’ll sacrifice to shave off that hairy cleavage? Ayama!! That’s disgusting,met her on the red carpet and she was feeling funky with it flaunting her moderate size b**bs showing off her hairy cleavage. Please ladies shave that hair off that’s a major turn off for guys.

FUTMX is a very funny school you just don’t wake up one day and you want to organise a show for them and they’ll be there ooooooops dey get class and if it’s not the best or from a known crew sorry!! Nothing for you. Thats what happen to the “Blast” crew,it was empty and dry. The two mc’s and the dj tried their best to make it fun but they got the wrong crowd and the location and timing ……..#Lips sealed. So please when next you’re trying to organise a show,consult and involve the right people,you don’t want to make the same mistake twice. That’s FUT for you.

Watch Out Ace Pool Party Coming Up by Weekend

Neutral Blast

It’s going to be great this weekend in Minna [Mx].
It’s a Red Carpet Show
Babeeboi,Da Jacurbs,Mc Miracle,Biandy,Erick Dwight and many more are going to be there you don’t want to miss this

Date:: 9th of March [This Friday]
Venue:: Veez Garden [Off Gidan Matasa Road Minna]
Time:: 7:00pm [Red Carpet]
Gate Fee:: 500 naira for regular, Vip 1000 naira and 1500 naira for Couple.

Dress To Kill
[Fashion Police Will Be Around, You Don’t Want to go to fashion Jail]
You Miss this you miss out, first show of the semsester.