eLDee’s Fifth Album “Undeniable” Drops July 1

The much anticipated fifth studio album of multiple award winning artist eLDee is set to drop on July 1, 2012 [Today]. The producer, songwriter, and performing artist has a history and track record that speaks for itself. 15 years in the music business and still topping all relevant charts, eLDee has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is a legend in the making.

The album “Undeniable” features hits such as “Wash Wash,” “Higher,” “Today Today,” and includes songs which he feature the likes of K9, Wizkid, Sojay, BankyW and more. elDee, who was born in Kaduna, Nigeria, recently described his latest LP, saying “This album is different from my previous albums because i decided to take a fresh and truly original stab at what contemporary African music should sound like today.”

“Undeniable” is loaded with traditional African rhythms that have been creatively modernised by the use of contemporary synth sounds, and is sure to connect with listeners from all over the world.

eLDee “We chose not to compromise on the quality of the CDs, when you lay your hands on a copy of #UNDENIABLE tomorrow, you will see what I mean.”

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