Blake Lively In Yellow Gucci Gown At Savages’s Premiere

Being a red carpet regular, Blake Lively has rocked more designer gowns that we can keep track of, but not all of them hold a special place in heart quite like the yellow Gucci floor length number she wore to the New York premiere of her upcoming film Savages on Wednesday.

The Gossip Girl star admitted that the frock was a natural fit for the occasion, since she drew inspiration for her character from the bright colour. According to the blonde beauty, she was wearing a yellow dress when she first met with the film’s director Oliver Stone, and he used the hue to illustrate the intended personality of her role.

“This dress was actually made for me by Gucci, so i was really lucky. I love yellow and it’s actually an ode to my first meeting with Oliver [Stone]. I came in, in a yellow dress and we were talking about who the character should be, because she’s very cynical in the book and in the script and he said, ‘She needs to be THIS girl! This bright, hopeful, yellow girl, the sunshine girl’ and so he had [a yellow] dress in the movie… so I thought I’d bring it full circle,” she explained.

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