Rihanna More Club Drama :: Security Guard Punches Paparazzo

Rihanna isn’t having the best club going experience lately.

A bodyguard for the singer and actress was caught assaulting a paparazzo in London on Sunday as she left a nightclub with female friends.

The large man, helping Rihanna and her party out of Mayfair’s upscale Whisky Mist lounge, threw a punch that sent one clamoring photog to the ground and it was all caught on tape. 

Indeed the pack of British shutterbugs overwhelmed Rihanna and her camp, as they were repeatedly asked to give the “S&M” singer space to walk. But the guard in question deals the blow well after RiRi is safe in her car.

Nearly two weeks ago, Rihanna was at the center of another club controversy: one involving rapper Drake and singer Chris Brown. 

In the wee hours of June 14, the famous men spiraled into a fight involving entourages for both, throwing liquor bottles and punches across private tablesa to Manhattan’s Club WIP.

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