World Music Day Today [21:06:2012]

Unofficially coined in 1982 (France) – Officially coined in 1987 (France, United Kingdom)

World Music Day is also known as Fête de la Musique. WorldMusic Day is a music festival.

World music is a term with widely varying definitions, often encompassing music which is primarily identified as another genre. This is evidenced by world music definitions such as “all of the music in the world”, “somebody else’s local music” or “non-western music”. In the classic definition, world music is the traditional music or folk music of a culture that is created and played by indigenous musicians and is closely related to the music of the regions of their origin. The term was originally intended for ethnic-specific music, though globalization is expanding its scope; it now often includes hybrid sub-genres such as World fusion,Global fusion, Ethnic fusion and Worldbeat These terms may also be considered sub-genres of pop music, illustrating that the term world music refers to music that is also classified under other genres.

World Music Day Celebration

In order to build peace worldwide by the means of music, this gala of music festival is celebrated joyfully worldwide.

Thus, celebration of World Music Day involves:

Arranging speech of leading composers, musicologists and interpreters in order to gather the knowledge based on the essence of music and recent scenario of music.

-Arranging seminars of artists
-Organizing music competitions and quizzes
-Arranging different exhibitions of
records,musical instruments,paintings,posters,sculpture,caricatures
-Photographs typically based on musical themes

Giving invitation to the delegations of musicians from other national committees in order to ask for their participation during World Music Day.

Let’s make the world a better place with our music. Let’s sing it aloud our stories,our hope for a better generation,our fears,our wish,our love….Let’s celebrate music!

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