How Music2Deal Nigeria Offers Global Partnerships And Business Opportunities To Nigerian Music Business Entrepreneurs

Music2Deal Worldwide is the premium global music business marketplace for the music industry
.Nigerian born
owned Mega Points International (Africa’s First Independent A&R/Promotion Company) headed by Femi Lawal recently signed a partnership deal with Music2Deal Worldwide to bring Global Music Business Opportunities Alive in Nigeria via Music2Deal Nigeria. 
For Immediate Release1
18th June, 2012.
Music2Deal Nigeria will be the 1st premiere music business networking community in Nigeria that connects Nigeria music business community to other music business professionals from other music industries from across the globe. Music2Deal Nigeria was initiated with the goal of networking Nigerian music business professionals with the global music business industries via a music business dealing marketplace and developing an outlet that will allow business transactions in the global music market easy for Nigerian Music Industry.
Music2Deal Music Industry Audience Includes: Record Labels, Publishers, Music Producers, Managers, Artists, DJs Entertainment Lawyers, Records Retailers, Distributors, Marketers, Digital Marketing Specialists, Music Industry Trade Bodies, Promoters, Musicians, Venue Owners, Music Business Entrepreneurs…
Broadcasters, Media, Film companies, Management Consultants, Music Business Advisors, Bloggers and many more do check out the site regularly for contents on new projects.
The Music2Deal Nigeria aim is to help Nigerian professional independent artists/labels get MAJOR exposure and music business deals on the global marketplace for the music industry (Music2Deal Worldwide).
According Ife Owosuna, the Business Development/Client Service Director Music2Deal Nigeria; Looking to create an additional revenue stream from your Web site as a music or entertainment blogger or admin, digital marketing specialists and music service providers seeking opportunities to improve your service offerings to your customers, partnering with Music2Deal Nigeria  and signing up as a premium member on (Music2Deal Worldwide) will bring value to your organization and services on global platform. 
Music related Associations, digital marketing and SEO firms, Web solution companies
,venues, film markers and road show/event organizers are just a few of the entities that have benefited from a partnership with Music2Deal Worldwide. 
Music2Deal Nigeria will help music and entertainment companies doing business in Nigeria with innovative networking tools to expand their business network in Music. 
As of today, where most of the business of music deals is carried out through communication over the Internet. With numerous platforms to use, but it is not easy to find the best which practically suits your needs.

Here is where Music2Deal music business community becomes the one platform who succeeds to make it correctly suitable for music industry professionals to network and transact.” 
Finding business partners from all areas of the music industry – from record labels, music publishers, artists, producers to booking agencies, managers, promoters, and more is simplified with Music2Deal Worldwide.

Music2Deal is a wonderful platform that saves time for music business professionals seeking content for new projects by making it so easy to check out new songs from professional musicians. On Music2Deal can easily conclude business deals with business partners from the USA, Canada, India, Germany, UK and any part of the world. A next generation professional music business platform.

With over 600,000 music business professional members, Music2Deal Worldwide is the largest music business marketplace social networking community for music industry professionals and this is a plus for the music business community in Nigeria with the inclusion of Music2Deal Nigeria.
The good news about it all is, signing up on the premium music business community is free. This is a great opportunity for Nigerian music community.

For more information on membership benefits and business enquiries contact:
Music2Deal Nigeria
Femi Lawal
MD Music2Deal Nigeria
Email :
PIN : 23954D81
Follow on Twitter : @2digitsrecords


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