Davido, Skuki Same Beat Different Song Who Copy Who?

Rave of the moment, Davido’s new single, entitled, No Visa, featuring Shina Rambo, got leaked online at the early hour of Tuesday, June 5, 2012. Two hours later, the music sensation, Skuki, officially dropped their most anticipated single, Move it

For people who have listened to the two songs would have concluded on one thing which is same beat, from beginning to the end. This has started generating mixed reactions from music fans across the country and beyond

Davido quickly twitted few hours after, saying, “Leaking my song will only make me stronger. As for now, I have removed No Visa and Enter the Centre from My album. U Happy Abi”

Industry source close to the two artistes confirmed to us that Skuki is the original owner of the beat, adding that, “they co-produced the beat with their childhood friend, Theorysound, before Davido showed interest in it and the latter played it for him.”

The source said, “Davido’s team were present when Theorysound played the yet to be released Skuki’s song and Davido said he wanted the same beat for his song.

We gathered further that the Stamina crooners were surprised when they heard that Davido first used the beat in his documentary premiered during his Canada tour held last month.

They called the producer whom I learnt immediately contacted Davido’s management and they promised him the beat wasn’t going to be used for Davido’s song only for him to see that it was eventually used in Davido leaked song, No Visa. I am very sure they called him to apologise and promise not to include the song in his debut album, which was the reason he twitted.” source noted.


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