Rihanna Diagnosed With Mental illness, Journalists Displaying Similar Symptoms

In a turn of events that will shock both newborn babies and poor old Sir Terry Pratchett, Rihanna, the world’s favourite highly irresponsible popstar, has been diagnosed with a mental illness.

After spending most of the year finding new, increasingly stupid things for naughty teenage girls to emulate, according to friends Rihanna has now reached the point where she’s both physically and mentally exhausted and, apparently, ‘slightly lost’. If lost means ‘drunk at all times’ and slightly mean very, then it certainly tallies with the pictures of her hooked upto a drip that she keeps posting on Twitter. 

But drunk doesn’t necessarily mean mentally ill. You can be as drunk as a skunk and still function perfectly well. No, Rihanna’s problem isn’t that her confidence has the power of ten Bonos when she’s been drinking, or that the drugs she keeps posting pictures of herself taking are affecting her personality, no Rihanna is actually sick. Sick with narcissism.

According to a paper whose name rhymes with ‘brailley car’, a medical expert had this to say on the matter:

“Rihanna’s erratic behaviour could indicate that she suffers from NPD “Symptoms are an exaggerated sense of self importance and a need for constant admiration, which Rihanna shows by posting semi nude pics. 

“If she does have NPD, with counselling she could recognise the damage she’s causing.”

It’s certainly good news that Rihanna is potentially going to get the help she deserves now that she’s finally been diagnosed.


One thought on “Rihanna Diagnosed With Mental illness, Journalists Displaying Similar Symptoms

  1. gg says:

    she looks ugly in blonde

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