My Rainbow Diary [Today]

Everyday u wake up you think it is just another day in your life? No it is not! It is a priceless gift! A fresh opportunity! A clean start to live, hope and dream again.
The most appropriate response to such a gift as TODAY is gratitude! Gratitude for every moment, for the air in your lungs, the rhythm of your heart and the miracle of life. Gratitude for all that is and all that’s yet to be. Not waiting to have it all but being grateful for now and all it brings.
If you do nothing but cultivate a response of gratitude, treating this day as though it were your last, you would have spent it well.

Chill pills
1. Your actions today is what makes yesterday a lovely memory and tomorrow a glorious future.
2. The secret of altitude is found in the mystery of gratitude.

Compiled by Tobore Osanebi


3 thoughts on “My Rainbow Diary [Today]

  1. yusuf caleb says:

    this particular piece is a good writeup but i believe tobore can drop more words than these ones…u got so much in you girl…let the world feel the pulse of that of the life in that great heart of yours…none of your words should be less than “best”…i beleive in you!!!

  2. Tobore Osanebi says:

    thanks Caleb, i do have more words but i noticed some people would rather read something short than something extensive, meanwhile, your point is duly noted and i will see to it.

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