Colours And It Influence

Colours have always been something that we can’t get away from, whether in school in art class or picking curtains for a living room colours are a part of our everyday lives. But what is it about colours that make us feel certain ways? both men and women seemed to agree across the board that colours are the first that catches their eye when looking at a person.

Black, a colour that seems to be a pigment always associated with gloom and sadness was interestingly the number one pick for colours that attract the opposite sex. 32 percent of both men and women said they are drawn in when they see someone wearing this popular colour.

“Black is so mysterious and something about it is sexy.”

“Black is the colour of authority and power, it is popular in fashion because it makes people appear thinner. It is also stylish and timeless. Black also implies submission.” Another top colour was red which across the board with both men and women agree is very sexy. “The most emotionally intense colour, red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing.”

Red on a girl looks amazing, especially on the lips.” 32 percent of students will also agree that the colour is very appealing.

Interestingly, who would have actually thought that colour would play such a huge role in what immediately attracts our eye. Whether it is blue, orange, red or black someone out there is extremely drawn to you all because you chose to wear a certain shirt


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