Annie Drop Movie Role + Chose July For Wedding Date

Tuface is very serious with his marriage proposal to his heartthrob,actress Annie Macaulay.

Despite being together with Annie almost all the time since February when the proposal took people unawares, the Implication crooner is candidly moving towards making the statement “Yes I Do”.

As gathered from insider sources, the two entertainers are said to have chosen their traditional wedding date.

According to the source, plans are seriously underway for this most controversial couple in entertainment industry to tie the nuptial knots.

Tuface is said to have decided to conclude the traditional marriage rites of Ms. Macaulay at her home town in Akwa Ibom State in the month of July, 2012.

Annie who has allegedly received various kinds of insults from close pals of her rivals cum other baby mamas of her husband to be is set to introduce Tuface officially to her parents and family members.

However, the two lovebirds are keeping mute on the wedding date.

Further findings revealed that Tuface just banned Annie from movie locations.

Tale has it that Annie had been contracted to star in a movie titled The Missionary Calling, produced by Chris Stainless Onyenso of The Ecclesiastes Productions, but did not show up on location, following strict warnings by her Prince Charming to stay away from movie locations until further notice.

Annie was supposed to play the lead, as the wife of a missionary,Chris,who upon realising that the world had nothing good to offer, decided to serve the Lord and also spread the message to unbelievers.

According to an insider, the producer put a call through to Annie on several occasions and she could not point to the reason behind her sudden decision to back out of the movie.

The aggrieved producer later brought Nkem Ike into the picture and she did well in interpreting the character.

Annie,who just got back from Los Angeles,USA, with Tuface on Friday,March 30,2012 after a short vacation they tagged pre honeymoon denies plan to quit acting she said i don’t know where that story is coming from.

Innocent won’t stop me from my career. He is rather supportive. What actually happened was that i had a busy schedule and couldn’t meet up for that location. Not only did i miss that job, I missed another one too.
So, there is nothing like that.


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