Gossip Girls Season6

Gossip Girl is back on Monday and you fans best get ready!

Aside from the show’s romantic storylines heating up did you hear there’s a love triangle?, boss Josh Safran teases some emotional and “family” bombs coming up ahead in the season’s final episodes.

Here’s The Scoop

What Can You Tell Us About The Final Episodes? Any Surprises?

We did a very concerted effort this year to have our story lines be season long. And i think that things that might look like they are separate story lines actually dovetail. We know the fans love it when the “breakfast club” get together to vanquish an enemy, so instead of the one episode we usually do a year when that happens, there are actually multiple episodes this year when they are together and doing that. It’s really great to everyone together, even if they have separate motivations, they might have a common enemy. We are definitely turning the heat up, romantically and emotionally, on several of our story lines. Serena and Blair are going to have a very, very major story,i would say this finale is all about Serena and Blair in a way that we have not told a story like that before.

Are Serena And Blair doomed? Are They Still The Show’s Core Relationship?

This year, they spent the summer apart and they came back together and they thought, “Oh it’s fine, we’ll still be friends.” But they slowly realised that that’s not been as easy as they hoped. And especially in light of Dan and Blair and how that has impacted Serena. Serena has lost her job, Serena has lost her best friend, Serena has lost the man she’s in love with. It’s a tough place for her to be in. Now she’s had dropped in her lap a laptop with the power of Gossip Girl on it, and the question is, will Serena get her power back and retaliate?

What’s Ahead For Dan And Blair? Will They Be Happy For A While?

For us it’s been about, we knew we were going to tell the story that Blair has always wanted to be a princess, way back in season one, ever since she was a child, she’s wanted to be a princess. So now that that lifelong dream is gone, she’s able to step back and go, “Wow, that dream is over so what’s my next dream, who am i going to be next?” It’s really allowing her to come into her own and grow in a great way, with Dan by her side,is someone who has always accepted that growth in her. Her relationship with Chuck has always been fraught with a little bit of antagonism, it’s been sexy and also they tried to be there for each other but then things get in the way. And here she finally has a guy who is like, you go off and do what you need to do and i’ll be here. It’s fun to see when she comes back into her own. We have a storyline that’s coming up, that’s one of my favourite story lines ever in all five seasons for Blair. And i think the fans are really going to love. It’s pure vintage Blair.

Do You Know The Endgame For Blair And The Others Romantically?

Right now we’re only looking at endgame for this season because that’s how we are approaching it. I don’t want to say there is an answer because right now there isn’t actually a question. Blair is with Dan and that’s what it is. But it’s more about what happens when, Dan and Blair’s relationship is going to be challenged because the specter of Chuck is always going to be hanging over it, whether or not he’s even involved in it or not. Because Blair is always going to be aware that Dan knows how much she loved a man before him. And Dan is always going to be aware, even more so, of how tied up they were with each other and how they constantly return to each other at some point, invariably every year. That pressure might seep in and cause some trouble but whether that trouble is insurmountable people will have to wait and see.

Any Hope For Serena And Nate To Reunite At Some Time?

Because the group gets together, as i said before,there are definitely scenes of them together. Those scenes are not romantic at this time, but i wouldn’t rule anything out.

Will We See Louis Again?

You are not going to see Louis this year.

There Are Reports There Will Be A Shortened Sixth Season…

Those reports are just reports, we have nothing to do with them. We are very much planning a sixth season, we are not ending this season with a series finale, by any stretch. It’s amongst our biggest cliffhangers we’ve ever done.


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