Madonna Launches ‘MDNA’ With A Spree Of Personal Appearances

Madonna the heavily guarded pop queen gave herself up to the masses this weekend in support of the Monday release of her new record, “MDNA.”

Kicking off on Saturday afternoon, Madge cruised through the offices of Facebook for a live chat moderated by a gushing Jimmy Fallon. Taking fan questions and teasing the late night host, Madonna didn’t disappoint.

“People need to be more disciplined when they ask questions,” she vamped with arched eyebrows as fans asked gems like what would she do if she were elected president in November.

“First of all, I’d take all the money from defence and put it in education … gay marriage would be legal everywhere,” she waxed, adding “There would be no restrictions on any of my videos ever.”

Indeed, a clip for her single “Girl Gone Wild” was deemed too hot for underage YouTube users, but in the days leading up to an album release, does that kind of attention detract from her latest roster of dance tracks?

Certainly not for the wild crowds at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, where Madonna decamped to after her Facebook stop. Introducing DJ Avicii, the Material Mom played to the audience with hype quotes on stage like, “I can honestly say a DJ saved my life.” 

She also posed the question, “Has anyone in this crowd seen Molly?,” referring to slang for the popular club drug MDMA, a.k.a. ecstasy. Some folks aren’t happy with the reference, but again does this hurt her chart chances?

Not with a massive groundswell from fans, including celebs such as Ashton Kutcher.

“I think MDNA taking over for the day is pretty badass,” Kutcher tweeted of the chic group sale site in which he’s an investor, which offered the album at a reduced price of $7.99 for its members. 

Don’t expect to see less of Madonna in the coming days, either. “MDMA” will get a worldwide tour in the coming months, and expect her new fragrance Truth or Dare at the top of April.


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