Wearing The Right Perfume

A woman’s choice of perfume, which is also known as perfume, can make or break her overall image. Well chosen fragrances are the “icing on the cake” that put all the different elements of a look together, but wearing the wrong perfume will leave everyone around you scratching their heads. A pleasant scent can make you appear more charming, youthful or energetic. A perfume that doesn’t match your personality or the occasion often has the exact opposite effect.

Wearing the right perfume is easier said than done.

Floral Perfumes are made from flowers and bring a hint of spring with you everywhere you go.

Citrus Perfume products have an aroma that is sharp but not too strong.

Oriential Perfume is heavy in spices, amber and balams, which creates a rich smell perfect for fall and winter.

Chypre, which has scents of wood and moss, is also a good cold weather choice. Similar to citrus, green perfumes provide a sharp natural smell and often contain hints of grass, pine or juniper.

Fougere Fragrances combine herbal and mossy scents and are popular among men, although women can also wear them.

Selecting The Best Perfume.
There’s a difference between a good perfume and the best perfume for you. A great deal of time and thought should go into your perfume selection. It’s a lot different than throwing on a good lipstick or trying a new nail polish for a few days. Think of it as choosing a hairstyle or a nice necklace it’s something that will stay with you for a long time. For that reason, it’s vital to try as many perfume samples as you can. Play around and be open when choosing a designer fragrance, and soon the best perfume will find you. You can buy cheap perfume, but watch out for knock-offs.
Of course, this is easier said then done. Sometimes finding the best perfume and beauty products is like trying to find your way around a dark room. But hey! You can always get the fragrance that best defines you.


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