Tiny And TI Throw A Sweet 16 Celebrity Bash For Daughter Zonnique,With A 2012 Cayenne Porsche As Her Birthday Gift

T.I. and Tiny gave daughter Zonnique a Sweet 16 that would even make MTV jealous! With Diddy’s son Justin by her side, the 16-year-old “OMG Girl” was ushered into her coming of age celebration like royalty! The pretty in pink night was capped off with a present from dad that all teen girls dream of a Porsche.
Tiny’s oldest daughter Zonnique had a moment for life last night when she was thrown a huge Sweet 16th Birthday Bash in Atlanta. She arrived to the extravagant event with TI, Tiny and her brothers in tow and was carried into her party like a princess by four men. She spent the night partying around celebrities and friends that included Nelly, Christian Combs, Lil Wayne’s daughter Reginae, Diggy Simmons,  Misa Hylton Brimm, her OMG Girlz bandmates and more with Giraffes and Camels that filled out the backdrop of the party.

If you are a frequent viewer of TI & Tiny’s VH1 show ‘A Family hustle’ you might recall Zonnique asking for two cars for her upcoming birthday. Last night, she didn’t get two cars but she was granted with a 2012 Cayenne Porsche and two small white Pomeranian puppies so we’re pretty sure there were no complaints about that.


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