FUTMX Gossip Of The Week

Funny how we react to issues around us.
These week 2 neighbours had to settle their quarrel in a very funny way. With rain of slap on the male neighbour by the female neighbour’s boy friend and bosso boys was invited by the slapped neighbour to come to his rescue but so unfortunately he’s the Boss and the bosso boys oooooops was unable to hurt their boss so they left,other neighbours came to help resolve the issues but “Boy Friend” was very angry and he needed to prove he’s the boss, he left and he return with his boys to kidnap his girlfriend’s neighbour and his friend too bad,ooooops.
Thank God for good neighbours around,after a little while of calling and pleading he later release them and later took the case to the police station and was later resolve with the police coming to arrest the neighbour and was released later that night.


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