The Perfect Way To Build Your Wardrobe

Building your wardrobe so that it’s fabulous, functional, and comfortable and fashion forward can be a little tricky and at time daunting, but it’s not impossible! Growing up many of us have loved clothes, shoes and accessories-basically, anything to do with fashion! My favourite thing about knowing how to build a wardrobe is having fun mixing and matching pieces to create a unique style of my own.  I love being able to create different looks dependent upon my mood of the day.  Think of it as a game like when you were a child playing dress up. Also, i have always loved giving my family fashion and decorating advice warranted or not.  If you are looking for some tips on how to build your wardrobe, keep reading because you have just stumble on the number 1 Fashion Clue Tip.

1. Clear Out Your Closet.
Updating and clearing out your closet is a crucial part of building a wardrobe. Toss out or better yet, donate items that are worn out, outdated or no longer fit you. That includes items that show signs of wear and tear such as piling, stretched out sweaters and tops, or spots on dresses and jeans, tops with underarm stains that you save only to wear “under” things and items you haven’t worn in over three years.

2. Consider Your Lifestyle
When selecting the pieces to hang in your closet and learning how to build a wardrobe, consider your lifestyle. Do you have a job? Do you attend many formal functions? Do you lunch with the ladies often? Does your day to day life include small children or require you to be very active? What are your social habits? These are all things to think about when buying clothes and accessories.

3. Get Your Basics
Every good wardrobe must have a few basics in it. Basics are items that you wear often, and can be easily mixed and matched with the other pieces in your closet. Basics are those timeless go to pieces. Basics include a pair of great jeans, a white button down shirt, black pumps, a little black dress, a neutral blazer, a cardigan, flats in a neutral colour, a pencil skirt, a pair of dress slacks, a few statement pieces of jewellery. A great bag, a perfect coat, and a dinner date dress. You will be glad you have these basics on hand! 

4. Start with Neutrals
When it comes to fashion, colour is great and it’s a big influence too. But you still need to make sure you have plenty of neutral colours in your closet as well. Neutral colours include black, brown, white, tan, camel, navy, gray and cream. With these neutrals, the outfits you can build are endless. Just add one or two pops of colour here and there. Neutrals are great choices for work clothing, travelling or for a bag, coat or shoes.

5. Mix it up with Current Trends
Trends are a fabulous addition to your wardrobe.  However, knowing how to build a wardrobe means knowing that you shouldn’t spend too much money on the latest and greatest.  Since trends come and go and you don’t want to build your entire wardrobe based upon them, otherwise you will constantly need to update your wardrobe. A few key trendy items each season will do the job! There are several trends each season to choose from.  Select the one that works best with your existing wardrobe, your lifestyle and your mood of the moment  It can be as easy as dressing in an outfit comprised of all basics and you add a fun pair of trendy shoes and belt or jewellery or bag.  Really, it’s that easy. Stay current, but know the difference between styles and trends.

6. Make Sure You Have Balance
A wardrobe made up entirely of jeans and Tshirts or entirely of button downs and fitted pencil skirts or entirely one colour theme won’t do you very much good. There’s not much style flexibility and you will get bored quickly. The best advice i can give you on how to build a wardrobe is to make sure you have a balanced selection in your closet. A good balance includes casual attire, casual dress attire, work attire, dress attire and formal attire. That’s not to say you can’t have your signature look.

7. Learn to Accessorize, Layer, and Try Combinations.
Knowing how to build a wardrobe means that you need to know how to accessorize effectively. It’s amazing the difference a small stud earring verses a long dangling earring can make to an outfit.  I can’t emphasize enough accessorizing makes all the difference. Imagine your outfit as the canvas and then paint with accessories. Layering is also an important element. Layering adds depth, personality and character to your outfits. Plus, it helps you transition easily from night to day. Some ideas for layering include tanks under Tshirts, camisoles under blazers, or collared shirts under vests. Be creative try putting together items from your wardrobe and see how they look together. A plain black dress may look dated or plain on its own but add a belt and it looks great or maybe that belt doesn’t work but another one is perfect or try a some chunky jewellery instead.  It’s all about trying different combination and seeing what works. Grab a friend and a glass of wine and give each other tips. Have fun with it.

8. Incorporate Personality
While your job or lifestyle may require a certain dress standard, always remember to incorporate some personality into your sense of style. There is no need to be boring or try and clone someone else’s style exactly. Be yourself! Add personal touches to your outfits.

9. Check the Fit
A good tailor can make or break your outfit.  When purchasing additional items to your wardrobe don’t make the mistake of thinking a little bit of snugness or looseness in a garment will be “ok”.  Part of achieving a well put together look means having all your clothes fit your body well. Thus flattering your form. Find a good tailor to let out or take in garments that aren’t the proper fit. Make them your new best friend, really. This will be one of the best things you can do.

10. Don’t Be A Fashion Groupie
Whatever you purchase don’t just buy it because everyone else is.  Like your mother always said “If your friends jumped off a bridge would you?” And please don’t buy it just to follow what the media suggests or your favourite stars are wearing.  Simply ask yourself “Does this fit my needs of the moment?”  “Is this me or how I want to portray myself?”
   Mix it up, keep it simple, and above all, have fun with it. There’s always tomorrow.  After all, it’s only fashion and it’s meant to be enjoyed.  Come on people it’s not life or death decisions we’re making here.  Remember dressing is just an expression of who you are or who you feel like you are at that precise moment in time and it’s constantly changing.


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