Kate Middleton’s Second Cousin Gets Naked While Dressed As The Queen

While the Royal family love their second cousins so much they like to marry them, the Middleton family aren’t so close to their extended family. It’s almost like Carole’s embarrassed of them. There’s uncle Gary who ‘who once dated a lapdancer and is said to have kept a box of cocaine at the bottom of his bed’ and here’s cousin Katrina, a burlesque dancer who likes to theme her act around the Queen, which is weird since Pippa’s bum would be more appropriate.
Since we’re coming up to the anniversary of the day we got pissed on work time last year, there’s going to be loads of boring guff being passed around about Kate and Wills, but this is probably the most interesting it’s the Duchess of Cambridge’s second cousin Katrina Darling stripping in New York whilst being watched by a topless lady with a Biro moustache drawn on. We’ve actually seen this topless lady stalking James Franco before, so it’s sad to see she’s now lowered her standards, but we guess her line of stalking is a fair weathered game anyway.
How much is Carole Middleton wetting her knickers over this do you wonder? You can practically hear her shrieking ‘GET PREGNANT NOW, KATE’ down the phone.


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