D.O.Jacobs FashionLine



The clothing line which was created without a name in 2009,after series of work which people love and want more of he’s work he then thought of giving it a brand that’s where Greysky Republic came up which they went in conjunction with “Skyboi”,But things weren’t really working as planed so for the better of the two designers they decided to split,and after that he change the name to DOJ Clothing he then rebranded in 2011 by changing the name to D.O.Jacobs.

D.O.J. has been helping people look “1 size smaller and ten years younger” for a long while now.
The reasons for there success.

The Look
In the creation of a garment the DARE OSHO JACOBS design team first establishes the most sought after fashion elements, selects the most exciting fabrics and colours, then adds a dash of D.O.J. magic in the form of delicate finishing touches and voila “The Look” is completed.

A D.O.J. garment seldom stands alone. It must work in combination as part of a coordinated wardrobe to give extreme value.

DARE OSHO JACOBS designs are protected from obsolescence, they will last for many seasons.

Every garment, every collection, and every season can only be brought together with the execution of the comprehensive Creative Development Process (CDP).
The creative development process of design, fabric selection, pattern making, technical construction, detail, embellishment, quality control, allocation and delivery are a symphony of unparalleled determination to give their clients the very best.

Clothes should be physically unrestrictive and comfortable on the body, they should also give the wearer a sense of well being, a confidence in the knowledge that they are,above all, appropriately dressed, with a touch of fashion but not overkill.

Garments are feelings on coat hangers!

“Your clothes not only affect the way you feel about yourself, they affect the way others feel about you”. DOJ

They are a nonverbal communication, sending messages about educational level, social standing, moral beliefs, status, attitude and ambition. People react to your appearance. It is important that you are very much at ease in your ‘second skin’

It’s a clothing line focused on the youth and the young working class trying to meet up with the need for quality clothes and designs that are young yet classy.

Facebook- Drey Grey Osho
BB Pin-21CBF8E5
Tel Numba-+229 66754214
+234 8027824982


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