Rihanna In Her Underwear For Armani Campaign, This Time With Added Espionage



We’ve previously posted some pics of Rihanna modelling underwear for Armani, but here’s a new campaign in which she rolls around in bed before suggesting she’s either a spy or very bad time keeper by getting a reminder to go to the airport at 6.00 in mirror writing. There’s also a Polaroid picture of a sink, which is suspicious but probably suggests she’s got a weekend of DIY ahead or some such thing…
In further Rihanna news, Will Young has waded into the ‘does she have some kind of responsibility as a woman?’ debate by calling her ‘not a great role model’, saying:
“I don’t think Rihanna is a massively great role model for women, her lyrics aren’t empowering.
“She’s a brilliant popstar and recording artist but her lyrics are not empowering,young girls have to listen to those lyrics.
“Women in a patriarchal society should be empowering and owning their bodies; I don’t think Rihanna is. I feel quite strongly about this.”
He’ll change his mind when he sees this video. Especially considering Rihanna’s only taken her phone off the hook to avoid calls from Chris Brown.


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