My Rainbow Diary

One thing I have learnt in life is the value of individuals. I do not attach importance to people based on their status, I’m just as cordial with a gate keeper as I am with an elite.
Erroneously some people believe they need to know the ‘high and mighty’ to be successful in life and so they strive to belong to a certain elite clique and in so doing despising others they perceive to be ‘nobodies’
The biblical story of Joseph’s transit from a prisoner to prime minister in egypt is profoundly instructive. It is worthy of note that Joseph wasn’t brought to the spot light by an elite in egypt, he was made known by a commoner, a third class citizen,a servant-a butler!
Daily treat others with respect. The key to your glorious future might just be in the hands of a waiter, driver or maid.

Chill pills.
1. Sometimes our attitudes towards others and not prayers is the key to our breakthrough.
2. Love your neighbour as yourself, treat your neighbour as yourself.

Compiled by Tobore Osanebi


4 thoughts on “My Rainbow Diary

  1. ikay says:

    This is so true, like d story of sarah and the angels in d bible

  2. yusuf caleb says:

    instructions are vital…nice 1…keep it up

  3. Tobore Osanebi says:

    thanks Chijioke n Ikay.

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