Asa Vs QuestionMark Feud Gets Messier [Asa Alleges Death Threats]



The court case between nigerian female singer, Asa and former label, Questionmark Entertainment has taken a new dimension.
Going by the latest development, Asa has alleged death threats on her by some people.
Asa took to twitter some few days back to make this known. According to her tweet, “I am passionate about my music, I have received death threats from these people, I have kept my head up and focused on giving my best always.”
Tweeting further, the international artiste tweeted, “I do not have any NEW ALBUM selling in Nigeria called DOWN ON ME. Please do not purchase it!
She further pointed out the perpetrators behind the illegal sale of fake CDs.
According to her, “unfortunately, we blame it on Alaba Market but it’s not from them but from Question Mark Entertainment. Please pass on this message.
Asa then further hinted on plans to take a legal action on Question Mark Entertainment with this tweet, “we will inform you of any LEGAL releases when there is.
You will recall that Asa fell apart with Question Mark Entertainment some years ago. It was speculated that her former label boss, Kelvin once pointed a gun at her, which led to the birth of the track, Jailer.


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