S2DB ENT. ABUJA SIGNS PASTOR NICODEMUS + Interview with record label coordinator SLEEQ.

Sleeq and Faze

Sleeq and Faze

Sleeq 2 D Bone [S2DB]

Q: Can we meet you
Sleeq: I am Sleeq and I represent S2DB Ent.

Q: Yeah cool having you here. Let’s talk Avant Garde. Yeah Avant Garde Season 1 what was the idea behind it.
Sleeq: Avant Garde iRep series is basically a platform to show case talent. Over the years I have discovered that the young artiste like the up and coming ones as much as I hate to use that word, when they are done recording it’s just their family members and friends that get to listen to their music. So basically Avant Garde is a platform for people to come and show what they have unlike the regular kind of show that you bring a known art this one is different we get to bring people that are haunting for talent both music, comedy and dance, that’s why we have that much act performing on 1stage. Producers Record Label owners come around as a matter of fact some record label owners are currently asking me when the next edition will be because they want to come.

Q: So what was the turn out for the Madden edition
Sleeq: The turnout was massive, we had like 34 acts and in the second, we had like 40 and trust me Avant Garde is about the most anticipated show in Abuja. People are looking up to it in fact artiste are looking up to it more because we don’t have such shows in Abuja often and in cases where we have shows, they tend to bring more of the Lagos acts.

Q: So S2DB is a Record Label right
Sleeq: Yeah kind of. the record label is just a pierce of S2DB, S2DB is into Entertainment, PR, Event/Artiste Management but right now we have Sleeq on S2DB, Jumabee and Pastor Nicodemos he’s a comedian (papatambo) that’s basically the new act on S2DB.

Q: Ok but some weeks back on twitter someone was saying he had a TV interview with your label
Sleeq: Okay the idea of Avant Garde like I said is not a regular kind of show whereby after the show you don’t get to hear anything again. The reverse is the case here, Avant Garde has a continuity which is the TV series so for every edition we cut out 15 episodes and it’s about to hit the screen like very soon. You’ll get to see it, so for every episode we get to interview two acts, they talk about themselves, their life style then we show their performance on the Avant Garde Stage.

Q: So let’s talk about your own music.
Sleeq: I started music for a very long time now but officially like 2006 when I did “Loving the way”. It had a video which featured Zeal of Style plus. It was successful because it was premiered on Ben TV London for awhile and the video was shot by Jude Owogbona. I featured a U.S based rap artiste on the song but was unable to take it far because of school. I didn’t want to combine school with music so after school I started doing songs. I have a couple of songs to my credit like “Iyawo”, “Soldier Go Soldier Come” though it’s not officially released, “Reflection” which has a video, and “Electrifying”. My new work is about to drop “Sugar Girl”. I don’t need a prophet to tell me it’s going to be a hit.

Q: So what are we expecting from you soon
Sleeq: More videos, but actually my concentration is on my artiste basically that’s Jumabee and Pastor Nicodemos. After their releases, I’ll then drop mine and more of Avant Garde. I am trying to make Avant Garde a household name and we are not limiting it to Abuja alone. It’s an iRep Series so we are going to be reping other states in Nigeria but we are making Abuja our foundation so that the whole world can reckon with it so that we can be accepted when we get to other states.

Q: Right now it’s Just Season1 and 2, when is the next 1coming up?
Sleeq: No date right now but it’s going to be very soon. If not the ending of this month February it’s going to be early March.

Q: So what are we expecting in season 3 of Avant Garde?
Sleeq: You guys should expect another dimension in this season; it’s not going to be like the previous where we had many acts. It’ll be different this time around, we are selecting like 10 to 15 acts to perform. We are not doing audition kind of thing but the idea is if you can’t make this edition you’ll make the next edition. The idea behind this is to make people enjoy their performance and the artiste too, so the less artistes the more time for performance.

Q: So let’s talk briefly about Your Fashion
Sleeq: Yeah my fashion just as it implies is everything I wear. It’s Sleeq yeah to my boxers. I starve to look good like seriously coz looking good is a life style for me.

Q: What fashion trend won’t fade out for you
Sleeq: Yeah a flat sole shoe won’t fade out for me lailai’ because it gives me comfort. Easy for my normal waka about lol.

Q: So is Sleeq in Love?
Sleeq: Love is a beautiful thing I love everybody and everybody loves me. Marriage is a big thing; there are some things you need to put in place before talking marriage am actually working on all that now.

Q: So your final words
Sleeq: watch out for S2DB as a matter of Fact we are taking over Africa like real soon, so watch out for Me, Jumabee, Pastor Nicodemos, Avant Garde, Shameless Thursday etc watch out for many things. I Love my fans and I promise not to let them down.


One thought on “S2DB ENT. ABUJA SIGNS PASTOR NICODEMUS + Interview with record label coordinator SLEEQ.

  1. flamoro says:

    Buate sleeq more engine oil to your elbow thumbs up clue mag! Una de work die ε̲̣̣̣ ku ise

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