Jumabee Of S2DB



Clue Mag hanging out with Jumabee of S2DB. Let’s Meet You

Jumabee:: The another hyper,the sugar the killing the economy cypher,the sugar banana monster

Let’s Talk About Your First Single

Jumabee:: “Tongolo” that was my first official single though but have had series of track years before now like 8years ago but Tongolo brought me to lime light.

How Was The Acceptability.

Jumabee:: The hype was tight,because it was more like an introduction of my own self so i was trying to use the song to prove a point,like combing all genre of music in just one,and it was produced by one of the best producer in Nigeria K’Solo it was just a introduction of myself.

As “Jumabee” What Are You Trying To Influence In The Society,Because Believe Me People Love Your Music.

Jumabee:: Basically music has to do with your concept,your idea,and understanding if you’re doing music like doing it for real you have to pass massage across,you have to see what other people are seeing,put your self in other people shoes,you have to understand the different classes of live, we have the Low,High and Middle classes so putting your self into these different classes will be able to bring good concept,basically what i do is i don’t do music because i want to do music i do music because i have passion for music,i do it because i want you to listen to my song and grab something from it,i do music because i want you to listen to my song and see what am saying,i do it because i want you to listen to it and have a sober reflection about yourself so basically that’s why i do my music.

So Let’s Talk About Your Last Album.

Jumabee:: Basically i don’t have a last song because i record everyday of my life and right now am working on my album is coming out soon have done more than 6 collaboration i just finish one with vector lastweek,i have Flavour,GT The Guitar Man,YQ that’s the song i’ll be performing tonight, i have awhole lot of them on the album and it’s coming out soon we are seriously on it.

Your Song “Aka Gum” Wasup With That Song. The Song Was More Of Afro Beat.

Jumabee:: The truth is music is changing the only way we can bring in new ideas is doing it like what it used to be to what it is now,people has lost what FELA used to be so we are bringing him back,and music basically in Nigeria has to do with Afro,so defining Afro is infusing a little HipPop into Afro. The concept behind “Aka Gum” is to bring Afro back to life but with a HipPop feel this time. Like if you listen to “Aka Gum” you’ll feel some Techno in it,HipPop,local percussion,so basically “Aka Gum” is a song that have like 6 different genre of music in it.

Let’s Talk About Your Fashion. You’re Not Looking Bad Tonight.

Jumabee:: I just think about how i want to look,i love been colourful like out spoken,i kind of like to relate my outfit to the invent or concert i’ll be going for,like if i want to wear blue all through,purple or maybe pink i just love to do fashion in a crazy form.

So How Was Valentine For You.

Jumabee:: It was fine,had like 3shows one in the morning,noon and later in the evening it was crazy on me,i kept on kissing the mic,my mic was my Val.

To Your Fans

Jumabee:: I just them to keep being good and watch out for awhole lot of things from Jumabee,in life there’s one thing once you believe in yourself,in your concept,once you believe you can,once you believe in your dreams you can actuallize it by not given up,not listening to anybody,just be yourself,stick to yourself and ensure you remain yourself it helps a lot in life.
[Download Here] Aka Gum By Jumabee


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