Faze Talking Music

Spotlyt And Faze

Spotlyt And Faze

Q: Hey bro wasup

Faze: I’m good, just chilling, good place we’ve got here I love this Sofa Lounge, Monday is just it.

Q: Yeah that’s true, so just hanging out or you’re up to something here?

Faze: Actually yeah, it’s the hypertek birthday bash am hanging out with Monday and friends and Fans tonight just want to have fun with the families those that have help me stay on top all these years really you guys are lovely and I think am blessed with the best fans in the world.

Q: Wow! We are all proud of you. So let’s talk about your recent videos.

Faze: Yeah you guys are yet to see the best of me yeah I’ve gotten quite a lot of compliment about the videos lately but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Q: Let’s Talk about faze, fashion wise.

Faze: I just love to do me, wear what I’ll be comfortable in, not too extravagant and not too shabby.

Q: What inspired your outfit tonight

Faze:: Just want to look simple and calm something that’ll be free on me I love to keep it simple seriously.

Q: So your last word to your fans out there

Faze: I’ll say for the love you’ve all shown to me all these years, God will love you too I love you all and I’ll always make you all proud. Thank you.

Sleeq And Faze

Sleeq And Faze

Loomy D and Faze

Loomy D and Faze

Kastro And Faze

Kastro And Faze


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