Morell To Feature Tinie Tempah



Clue hanging out with morell at Sofa Lounge

Morell:: Well morell is a singer,songwriter,performer and a rapper as well.

Talking about your music how was your first single like?

Morell:: My first single was Aboki which was released in abuja and after that i did Party Hard remix and the song has been doing well in abuja and beyond.

I Saw You First At Season1 Avant Garde How Was The Show?

Morell:: Yeah it was great Sleeq is a very business minded person so he was able to bring everybody together everybody that started from abuja and i flew in from lagos and i had a very wonderful performance and i guess my fans really enjoyed my performance.

So What Are You Doing Here Tonight?

Morell:: Hmmm i just came into town for a different thing entirely and was invited to come and hangout here and I’ll be performing alongside my friend Pmoney nothing personal am not doing any of my songs am just here to hangout.

So What Are We Expecting From Morell Anytime Soon?

Morell:: Yeah i used 2011 to do some collabos like i jumped on a track with ice prince that’s “That Nigga” Track 14 there’s going to be a video for it soon so watch out for it,have been doing couple of collabo buth this year i just came back from South Africa 3days ago went there to shoot a video for my song,by the end of this year my album is going to be out so from now it’s going to be promo from the first quarter,second quarter so from the third quarter we would be thinking of droping it then but no date yet so for now expect an album,plenty videos and collaborations expect so much from me.

Who Are You Looking Forward To Feature Like A Big Shot.

Morell:: Have work with some couple of the big shot basically am talking about the rappers in nigeria because am an R’n’B singer and i wish and pray to work with someone like Tuface basically am talking about nigeria music industry but outside nigeria definatly am going to work with Tinie Tempah am travelling very soon don’t know if that’ll be possible but we are still working on that we’ve contact his management so we are still working on that so expect Morell Ft Tinne Tempah definately no joke.

So Let’s Talk About Your Fashion Sense And How Long It Took For You To Look This Good.

Morell:: Am wearing boot,Cavalli Jeans,and my belt is richmond and a simple Tshirt i don’t even know the name im that simple and it took me like 5minute to dress up [Laugh] am not a girl i don’t do make up and take like 30minutes to bath.

So Is Morell in Love?

Morell:: Yeah Morell is in love and in a very beautiful relationship am not searching am engaged.


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