Chilzeal In The Picture.

Chinonso [Chilzeal]

Chinonso [Chilzeal]

Chilling in Sofa Lounge with a star in the making Chinonso “Chilzeal”

Chilzeal:: Am Chinonso Izuka a graduate of FUT Minna and am presently awaiting youth service.

You Do Music Right?

Chilzeal:: Yeah i do music. I like to do R’n’B, inspirational kind of music, a kind of music you’ll listen to and actually have something to hold on to even when you’re feeling down.

Ok Define Chinonso “Chilzeal”

Chilzeal:: Am a cool girl,though sometimes i have a little hot head but i believe am approachable,fun to be with jovial and ok.

Your First Single?

Chilzeal:: Ehmmm have actually done some tracks, kind of a play and on a low key not really something serious for now.

So Are We Expecting Something From You?

Chilzeal:: Yeah most definitely,but can’t tell you how soon that’s going to be.

Tell Me About Your Fashion Sense.

Chilzeal:: Am wearing a high wit pant,a singlet and my boy friend’s jacket.

How Many Hours Did You Spending Dressing Up Tonight?

Chilzeal:: It did not take me long to hook all this up actually my boyfriend gave me a helping hand though.

5 Things You Can’t Do Without In A Day

Chilzeal:: First-My Music my ear piece and my phone can’t just do without it even when am at work because temporarily am working at the bank and we are not allow to use phone in the bank i still sneak my earpiece in.
Secondly- Can’t do without talking to God getting inspiration from him.
Thirdly- My Rhapsody of Realities
Fourthly- Can’t do without the mirror. Hmmm am choking with what i can’t do without now let’s just take that four for now *Smiles* Thank you.


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