I Present To You Weird Mc The Twin

Weird Mc

Weird Mc

I love showbiz you use everything within your reach to get attention. She did “Allen Avenue” way back then we never saw “Twin Weird” Ijo Ya rocked our world “Twin Weird” was on a lay low,Our almighty Weird Mc went on a lay low for awhile and now she’s back with some classy good tune rocking the air waves, then gbam!!!! “Twin Weird” Poped out of the blue. Hmmmmmm just thinking did she planned this? Or Maybe “Twin Weird” Feels her time is now? Abi Can She be a clone? Guess too much movies is affecting me now.
You don’t believe it, Yeah, we didn’t either.
Weird MC has never mentioned it before, but recently on twitter, she revealed she has a biological twin sister. We were shocked to our very core. I wonder if her twin sister also likes to do her things like a man.
I think we should rename her as The Remix Of Weird Mc herself what do you think? Let’s name her please.


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