Carrot Jeans

Carrot Jeans

Carrot Jeans

Levi’s launched a brand new style of jeans which was Named as “The Carrot”. As the name suggests the jeans are baggy around the thighs and taper down to a narrow ankle. According to the press release “Levi’s” are “inspired by the Tokyo’s underground subcultures and bring a fresh attitude to an otherwise tired and drab denim world”. I don’t know about you but these are pretty much the cool looking pair or jeans i have seen since Levi’s Engineered Jeans – which apparently are also being re-released last year.
Carrot Jeans the truly modern fit. Carrot jeans available in a range of colours, styles and treatments.
How to Look Good When Wearing A Carrot Jeans
Jeans, they are everywhere, and for the unfortunate majority who have no idea how to wear the latest fashions, can prove a disaster zone for many of us. Whether you love skinny jeans, carrot style jeans, or boyfriend style jeans, there are a few universal techniques to apply when wearing jeans, and here, we will describe the most pertinent techniques to heed.
-Firstly, never be put off by the name. You do not have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans, nor look like a carrot to wear carrot jeans, nor be in a relationship to wear boyfriend jeans! Use the name only to understand the look, not to inform any assumption concerning who can and who can’t wear a particular style.
-What to wear with carrot styles of jeans
As a rule of thumb, you must balance your outfit. If your top is tight, then you should wear looser fitting trousers, if your trousers are tight then you should wear a looser top. Conversely, however, if the top you are wearing is form fitting, then form-fitting trousers are best, because they are neither loose nor tight.

With carrot style jeans, you should wear a tight fitting top that should be no longer than your hips. Carrot styles jeans; longer tops hide the top of the jeans, which are the focal part of the outfit.

With carrot style jeans, you should opt for flats. Cowboy boots, military boots, ugg-style boots, and desert boots are all suitable.


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