Victoria Beckham Covered Up Eva Longoria’s Modesty

Victoria Beckham proved to be a friend in need for Eva Longoria as she protected her modesty from the cameras on Thursday night. The 37-year-old fashion designer was sitting with the Desperate Housewives star at a charity bash when she took it upon herself to strategically place her hands over the actor’s plunging neckline. As they posed for a picture, Longoria’s breasts could have been seen by all and sundry if it wasn’t for the former Spice Girls member and her quick thinking.
Posh couldn’t help but smirk as the 36year old flashed a smile for the cameras while she held steady over Longoria’s breasts, which were now in no danger of making an appearance,The pair were at a party thrown by Vanity Fair and Chrysler on behalf of The Eva Longoria Foundation, which was held at the actress’s restaurant Beso in Hollywood.
Footballer David Beckham’s wife even posted a photo of herself getting ready at home before heading out to a charity bash, the Daily Mail reported. Someone, possibly husband David, took a picture of her applying her eye makeup in the mirror of her bathroom as she got ready to attend a party thrown by her friend Longoria and Vanity Fair. Even though Posh probably was dying to kick off her heels get into her comfy clothes and have a nice quiet evening on the sofa after being tired from presenting her new collection at New York and London Fashion Week, she managed to come out and support her good friend,Victoria looked very slender as she stood at her bathroom sink and applied liner in her blue dress with her trademark black zip up the back. She was greeted warmly by Longoria, who she first met when she moved to Los Angeles four years ago when David signed for LA Galaxy.
Posh wore her blonde locks in a sleek blow wave and some gold earrings.


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