PS Vita Launched

Sony’s new PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) handheld console launched at midnight last night, and, being the handsome, tech savvy, intelligent, jaded, angry, belligerent lot that you are we thought you’d probably want to know a bit more about it. Even if only because it finally means you can connect with your increasingly distant children.
Basically, it’s a bit like Sony’s last handheld console, the PSP, except it’s much, much more powerful. For those of you who don’t know what a Peespee is, the Vita is about the same size as an aubergine, but flatter, has a  5 inch high resolution touch screen, and it plays amazing looking games.
We haven’t actually managed to get our hands on one yet, so we can’t give you any touchy-feely first impressions, although if you wanted to try one out before we do (it’ll be like you’re the journalist) there’s currently two models avaliable. A Wi-Fi only version for around £200 (cheapest we found was ASDA, strangely) and a 3G/Wi-Fi one for £260 (again, at ASDA).
Unfortunately, the PS Vita has no internal storage of its own and it only uses special PS Vita carts, so you’ll have to buy your own, in either 4, 8 or 16 Gb sizes Add this to the price of a couple of games (around £40 each), and the whole package will most likely end up setting you back around £350-400.
Anyway, here’s a vid of the console in action, and of course we’ll give you our first impressions as soon as we get one in (didn’t want that money anyway)…


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