Tuface Is Really In Love “My mind, heart and soul are ready to commit to Annie” + Tuface’s Video “Let Somebody Love You”



Despite the fact that Tuface Idibia has other women that have been associated with him and even had babies for him in the past five years one of them, Pero Adeniyi, is expecting her third child for the singer he maintains that his heart is with actress, Annie Macaulay, who bore him a daughter, Isabellas outside wedlock.
“I know it may be difficult if any one happens to be attached emotionally but I can only hope they understand that that’s where my heart is. Annie is where my heart led me to; it just so happened to be the time I felt the need to make that move and part of my New Year resolution was to follow my heart this year. My mind, heart and soul are ready to commit to Annie. The timing for marriage should not be determined by any outside influence; if you are not ready for it don’t commit to it because some people think you should,” the singer confessed recently.
However, he still has so much respect, love for other women in his life. “I’ve still got respect for the other women because we have kids together and our relationship remains cordial like before,”
Tuface the multiple award winning artiste, who recently returned from his trip to United States of America after his proposal, recorded new hit single, ‘Let Somebody Love You’ in Hollywood. He collaborated with renowned producer, Femi Ojetunde also known as ‘Femdouble’ who has worked with the likes of King Sunny Ade, Quincy Jones, Boyz II Men and others
[Download Video Here]Let Somebody Love You by Tuface

Tuface,Annie and Daughter

Tuface,Annie and Daughter


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