My Rainbow Diary

Why stay in the dark when you can turn on the light? Why refuse to shine when you can shine so bright?Those were the words that aroused me from the swooning grasp of a sinking mood swing. I laid in bed drenched in condemning thoughts, It seemed my past was waging a vengeful war at me as negative memories played on the screen of my mind. Reminding me of all I wasn’t,justifying why I couldn’t,shouldn’t and wouldn’t be all I ought to. The more I embraced the subtle caresses of its molestations, the deeper I sunk in despair.
Then I heard the voice and it dawned on me,i realised i was incharge! I had the power to refrain from being the victim of a trap set to steal my joy. So i said to myself; I will change my thought and increase my lot,i will remember good things on purpose and refuse to dwell in sorrows,i will turn on the light and shine so bright.
Chill pills
We can’t always help how we feel but we can learn to manage those emotions so they don’t control us.

Compiled by Tobore Osanebi


7 thoughts on “My Rainbow Diary

  1. Anita says:

    Cool..keep it up

  2. I love my Rainbow Diary|Clue mag
    Everyone has a dream placed in the’s a vision born deep in the heart that speaks to the very soulmit’s something we were born to do . It draws on our taleents and gifts .it appeals to our highest ideals. It sparks our feelings of destiny:it is inseparably linked to our purpose in life. A dream does many things for us.

  3. okeke uche peter aka 3dflash says:

    Oh I Love this one it’s inspirational. Just keep it up abeg

  4. Igbogbo tosan says:

    Sometimes its easier to wallow in self pity. Feeling sorry for yourself is sometimes easier than facing reality. I think its part of the bodies defence mechanism. It might a way of giving us the chance to absorb and adjust to situations… D most important step is d ability to get up after the initial bout of self pity.

  5. ikay says:

    Nicely said… Inspiring

  6. yusuf caleb says:

    why stay in the dark when you can turn on the light? why refuse to shine when you can shine so bright?
    i love those words…this piece is perfect,,,u nailed it!!!

  7. Tobore Osanebi says:

    thanks people

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