Kim Kadashian’s New Sex Tape

There was pandemonium this morning on the internet when a new Kim Kardashian sex tape was leaked showing Kim doing some real bad girly things  on a white guy, if you know what I mean.  The authenticity of the tape or even if it is actually Kim we are looking at can not be verified. However, the pictures we saw sure looked like our sexy Kim.

MediaTakeOut reported the story like this: 

SHOCK PIC: An Alleged New Kim Kardashian SEXTAPE Leaked . . . This Time . . She’s FREAKING OFF A White Dude!!! Warning – EXTREMELY GRAPHIC PICS) just got wind that some people on the INTERNETS are saying that Kim Kardashian has a sextape. We can not confirm the authenticity, but the pics show a woman who LOOKS LIKE Kim K . . . sucking off some White dude.
We ain’t hosting that ISH on our FAMILY FRIENDLY SERVERS, but someone else did. Can’t say FOR SURE who that is in them pics . . . but it sure LOOKS LIKE KIMMY!


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