My Rainbow Diary

Relentlessly,I have mulled over the reason for my existence, the mundane routine by which i lead my life gives an unsettling feeling of discontentment. I feel like a mannequin living the details of my selfishness. Moreso, the gluttony motivation by which most lives are driven veers them from a greater path of living to a lesser path of existing,neglecting the innate purpose of being our brother’s keeper.
While the experiences which comes with the phases of growth, progress and achievements in life could be exciting and rewarding,giving a temporary feel of fulfilment,it still isn’t the raison d’ etre and never gives absolute satisfaction. This is because, man by nature is on an insatiable quest for accomplishments,always wanting more and more and more in an endless journey of personal gain inevitably stopped by the sting of death.
The essence of a well led life, must border on the depth of its ability to exert influence not just on itself but also an extended audience within the sphere of its contact. That after all is the golden rule encapsulated in the four-letter treasure residing, mostly dormant, in the hearts of all men- LOVE.
Love is not a feeling imposed by emotions but a decisive act imposed by will. It is verbalized by a self-giving action which will not stop to inquire whether or not others are deserving of our love but will go the extra miles: giving freely more than is required, never relenting, forgiving and forgetting quickly, stretching beyond the limits and expectations of people, helping them be who they want to be and giving their lives a meaning. For It is in loving that we know ourselves,it’s in knowing ourselves that we begin to live, and in living our lives truly count. For at the end of life, our questions are pretty simple; Did I live fully? Did I love well?

Chill pills.
1. The best way to live is to love without a reason.
2. You can’t make someone love you but you can’t allow their refusal to love you stop you from loving them.
3. People are unreasonable, illogical and self centered…,love them anyway!
4. The best portion of a good man’s life are his little,nameless,unremembered acts of kindness and love.
Compiled by Tobore Osanebi


13 thoughts on “My Rainbow Diary

  1. Eddie says:

    Tgal nice one dear….but d first sentence of ur last paragraph “Love is not a feeling imposed by emotions but a decisive act imposed by will”…am quite skeptical abt it. i think love is a feeling imposed by emotions n nt always will….i tink love is triggered by emotions, feelings n more. you dont willingly love somone buh its a feeling dat DEVELOPES from d depth of d mind, cos d mind controls d “will” n “act” of every being.
    More to come

  2. @Eddie, feelings are unreliable and unstable emotions, you can’t use that as a yardstick for loving. Love is a decision in the sense that you make a willful commitment to show love irrespective of how you feel at that point.

  3. Layefa says:

    Nice blog girl. I especially like the chill pills but the second pill is hard to swallow because it is…um…just plain difficult. Keep it up though…I like the spirit 🙂

  4. SY says:

    Simply loaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I knw u got d stuff, kip it up doll.

  5. Efe says:

    This is a very introspective look on the need to love and be loved by man. However, I disagree with you when you say “Love is not a feeling imposed by emotions but a decisive act imposed by will.” I think love is guided by emotions as well as will. Emotions has to be present and felt before it is acted upon. Be that as it may, this is a very well written piece, you can only get better from you. Great job!

  6. Obindah says:

    Gurl u sure did nail it. Nice one, @ other comment, dia corrections are wrong. They don’t fully understand. They say Good Medicine is bitter. Whoever can abide by all in ur article has CONQUERED LIFE, and will live in Bliss.
    Good stuff, nice one.

  7. topy says:

    NIce write up Tobs, good stuff. Love is a natural and tender phenomenon that emanates from the bottom of the heart; ever welcoming, ever fresh, ever caring and impossible to hurt. If ever hurt, it quickly forgives and never holds a grudge.
    Keep it up!

    •  Jarrell  says:

      people who say to love Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ not a decision,are still either young in age,or in Mind,I’ve lived,experienced,heard,Απϑ know,it Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ.these ® bitter pills,buh I discovered vat d bitter ones heal better.t-gal,nice un hun,love d intro,love every bit,keep it up,Απϑ we’ll ơ̴̴̴̴̮͡ơ̴̴͡ @ the very top.cheers

  8. okeke uche peter aka 3dflash says:

    This is good I mean am short of word’s espically that quote. On the love ish, keep it up and don’t get distracted

    Love is not a feeling imposed by emotions but a decisive act imposed by will.

  9. Igbogbo Tosan says:

    Hmm. Sincerely agree. Love without reasons u can validate, without tots of getting something in return or if I might add religious differences counting so much…. I believe when we get the chance to love n be loved back barriers like religious n cultural differences won’t look so important then because they won’t be. loving someone with the same belief, culture or same anything is not a guarantee it would work. Look around u… What should b important is your willingness to love in spite of who he prays to, your capacity to adapt to his culture n your readiness to stick no matter what. Thats what makes a relationship… Love… To work. Nice write up. Pray we all find love thAt will love us back at the right time. Ta ta.

  10. Igbogbo tosan says:

    Elma micheal! Dis is a gud one. Yep u are rite, love on ur free will independent of wat u”ll get back or if odas tink he is worthy (only ur opinion mata) n (if I might add) irrespective of religious differences… Having d same belief, culture, tribe doesn’t mean love will last. Luk arund… Its d williness to love dispite all, d capacity to still stay after all dats wat makes it work.

  11. yusuf caleb says:

    love is a concious decision backed by will,all ye who dont agree with my smiley are either young or yet to have a revelation as to what love is…love has nothing to do with emotions…i love you smile!

  12. Tobore Osanebi says:

    @Tosan, i wont bring up a controversial discussion by expantiating on the effect of loving someone with a different religious background but you just be careful in your journey.@ others, thanks a lot for your comments.

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