Wizkid now look different from his “Holla at your boy” days. The young act was assumed to smoke marijuana in a short clip he was holding a stick of Marijuana. Wizkid who is an idol to many young fans,does smoking marijuana goes with making music? Hmmmmm i wish Fela was still alive he would have been the perfect person to answer that.
Just wondering why most artists don’t consider their audience when they act,guess that’s why we love them, maybe because of their act. Wizkid who has many young followers looking up to him like seriously. Many Wizkid wanna be roaming the street.
WIZKID::”I’m chilling with my niggas oh yeah. We smoking marijuana all day and we giving thanks to Jah all day. Seaside I’m feeling it, Lucky supply the kpoli. See my brother we no be holy… 11 years I have been doing things. I have been smoking since…Everyday we dey smoke Marijuana but God bless you” wizkid freestyling hmmmmm some kind of weed inspiration?
Now i know what he meant by “I Love My Baby” the baby he was talking about was Marijuana he only painted it to look as if he was referring to a girl Bad Guy!


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