Talking Movies With Uche Ogbodo

Uche Ogbodo is one of the hottest rising actresses  in Nollywood today.  Though people have associated her name with controversy, she is still an actress to behold. After the alleged fight she had with an actor cum popular comedian Kingsley Ogbonna  on a movie set,few years ago, and the recent face off she also had with a marketer, who accused her of delaying his production, Uche has maintained a steady rise to stardom since hitting the screen in 2006. She recounts the story of her journey to stardom and the many controversies that trails her acting career..

Six Years  After The Scandal
I have grown in so many ways. Emotionally and spiritually, I have become more matured. I have also  made a name for myself in the industry as a star. Anywhere I’m going today, it opens the doors of favour for me. I thank God for everything He has done for me. It has been a memorable journey to stardom

Misunderstood In The Industry? 
Yes, I have been  misunderstood in several ways. But I don’t see it as a challenge because I don’t have anybody to complain  to, except my God, who created me.
One think I know I cannot do today is to hurt a fly. I’m a different person, but people judge me based on the roles that I played  in movies. I want the world to know that my job is a professional one. If I’m not able to interpret my role very well, I wouldn’t be as  successful as I am in the industry today. I’m a successful actress  because I’m able to interpret my roles in movies very well.
And that’s why producers are inviting me to star in their movies.  I try to put in my best in interpreting my scripts no matter how bad or good the role I’m playing is. I see it as a challenge. But one thing about me is that I like to surprise my fans. Acting comes from the inside of me.

Movie That Challenged Me
I try to put everything in me into any role I’m asked to interpret. So, any role i played in a particular movie have been as challenging as the role i played in another movie. I put all my energy into the role. But at the moment, i haven’t done that movie that will challenge me more than every other role i have played in the recent times. I’m yet to shoot that movie.

Projecting A New Brand 
I rebrand myself almost every year because I need to look good. I’m kind of projecting a new identity for myself; trying to make myself a brand that people will appreciate. A brand that can sell any product. As a star, I need to rebrand every year. I think it is a good idea that I rebrand myself.

What Makes Me Sexy  
Everything about me make me sexy; my diction, the aura  that I carry about, and the way I dress also makes me sexy. I wear what I feel comfortable in. Actually, before I leave my house every day, I sample so many of my clothes to see which one of them will fit my style. I’m crazy about fashion and accessories. They are the basic things a woman needs

My Love Life
Love has been kind to me. I’m in a relationship at the moment. But I’m not married, am still searching. I’m still waiting upon the Lord. If He says, that the man am dating presently will be my husband, so be it.

My Selling Point
Every part of my body is a selling point, particularly my eyes and my mouth.


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