Mozart Music,Dance School And Recording Studio Abuja

Music they say is the food to our soul,sure we can’t starve ourselves we must eat,so let prepare music.
Everybody can cook but we still have great cooks,we can all sing,dance and all that but we still need to learn how to do it right to make people enjoy every bit of what we will be singing,how we will be dancing,playing the instruments right.
School they say is not fun but what about when you pick what you love to study and nobody changes your course,and you’re been taught well,with everything you need to be the best in your course of study?
Mozart Music,Dance and Recording Studio is not just a studio or a school they have passion and love for what they are teaching,they want you to be the best,they even give you more than the value of what you’re paying. With 60 thousand naira for a semester you get best of the best coaching and 10 thousand naira per session in the studio you’ll be assured that you’ve just produce nothing but hit.
So come enroll with Mozart Music,Dance and recording studio today and let’s make the entertaining world a better place.

“Mozart music\dance and recording studios offers piano lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, voice training, dance lessons(contemporary dance) ballet and salsa, we also do jingles, sound tracks, songs recordings and demos, we consult for auditions and competitions. Adult and kids!register now for more details call 07064933548.
Or visit No15 sheda close area8 garki 2 Abuja”


One thought on “Mozart Music,Dance School And Recording Studio Abuja

  1. Victor ulonnaya says:

    I reside at niger state and cumin 2 mozart is a very lng distance,so wat i want 2 knw is will dere be free transport.if dere will be transport i’ll find my way dere.

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