Creating a Perfect Valentine’s Day

“You’ve got to make this day special from beginning to end, regardless of how funny you feel about today.” 
Gentlemen, Valentine’s Day is come. While it might not be your favourite holiday, the woman in your life right now feels differently. The only way to make this day not suck for both of you is for you to make it amazing. This is the year when you will bring romance on Valentine’s Day. It’s really not that complicated.

Romance is something that I think a lot of couples lack, despite everyone fundamentally desiring it especially women. The fundamental rule you need to abide by on Valentine’s Day is that it’s all about her. There’s nothing about you on this day. You’ve got to become the most selfless man out there. You’ve got to make this day special from beginning to end, regardless of how you feel about today.
To be honest with you, I think Valentine’s Day is a trouble day. I know I’m not the only guy who feels this way. Regardless of what we think, women want to feel special on this day. From the second they wake up this morning, they’re waiting for their Valentine’s Day surprises. They awake in a state of anticipation, like kids on Christmas.
If you live together and you do nothing in the morning before she go to work, you’ve already made her anxious. So my suggestion to all of you guys wake up earlier, cook her breakfast.
Do something you don’t normally do. That way, when she gets to the office and she hears all the other women saying “You won’t believe what my husband did,” she’ll be able to share her experience, too.
At the office, the flowers from her colleagues’ husbands and boyfriends will start showing up, and all the women are going to be gossiping. So make sure that on Valentine’s Day you send her something to the office something cute, maybe just a card, or one flower, or maybe just an email with a song. Or maybe you can send her a song about the way you feel about her during the day something different, because she’s going to be talking to girls all day long.
That’s what women do they talk. And she doesn’t want to feel like you’ve ignored Valentine’s Day, especially in front of her friends. She doesn’t want to feel neglected.

This Valentine’s Day, forget about the expensive, mediocre restaurant meal. Create the most intimate picnic you’ve ever had at home. 
The picnic is going to be in your living room. What you’re going to do is you’re going to light the entire living room with candles. You’re going to put on some great music, you’re going to put rose petals all along the blanket and in the entrance of your house. You’re going to create romance as she walks in. You’re going to tell her to be at your house at 7:30 p.m. because you have a surprise for her.
Suggest she wear something that makes her feel sexy. She’s going to walk in, music will be playing, candles lit all around, and the two of you are going to sit down in the middle of your living room and have a picnic and a bottle of wine. It is by far the most romantic Valentine’s Day she will ever have.
She will go into that office the very next day and tell all her friends and colleagues, and they’ll all envy her because they will have sat in crowded restaurants with their dates, just like last year. That is how you distinguish yourself on Valentine’s Day, how you honour the woman in your life and create romance.
For all you single guys, I’ve got one quick tip for all of you. Before you go out on Valentine’s day, buy a box of those little cards, because everyone loves to get a little something, even if it’s from a friendly acquaintance. Buy those cards, write your colleagues’ name on it and say “Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Peter in accounting” or whatever it might be. Be cute and hand them out during the course of the day to the women in the office or your class
They’re going to feel good. They’re going to remember it and they’re going to look at you differently as that really cool nice guy who made them feel great about being single on Valentine’s Day. If you don’t want to do the cards, you can walk around with those little conversation heart candies and you can basically give them out.
It’s all about being a man. It’s all about being honourable, and it’s all about making women feel really amazing. If you’re single and you want to earn brownie points with the women for the rest of the year, go for it. If you’re in a relationship, those brownie points may be even more valuable.


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