Do’s And Don’t Of Val’s Day

-Celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you are in a relationship new or old, it’s a day to celebrate love, romance and your partner, and you should celebrate both it and them
-Actually plan in advance if you want to go out to dinner that night. Restaurants, especially good ones,unless you and your date want something different
– Buy candies or jewelry or lingerie or all of the above. Go all out, be that guy or that girl, your date will probably love it
-Go in for the kiss at the end of the night or even during the night. It’s Valentine’s Day, why not? Next to New Year’s at midnight, this might be your best shot ever
-See a romantic movie together

-Don’t try to get out of celebrating Valentine’s Day by claiming that this is just a manufactured holiday created by some sort of crazy Oliver Stone-esque conspiracy to take your money. Your spouse or partner may nod along as you say this, but it won’t stop them from crying quietly into their pillow at night and hate you for a long time. Only do this if you would like to not be dating this person come next Valentine’s Day
-Don’t try to date your best friend’s girl,maybe because he’s not in town especially if said best friend is stronger than you.
-Don’t drink yourself into a stupor, sobbing in a fatal position at home seeing movies in your boxers stuffing your face in a sad attempt to eat your feelings if you don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day. It may seem like it, but you are not alone. So sober up, take a shower, maybe two, head to a bar or the movies and prepare to get your single mingle on with the legion of other sad, single people out there. It’s Valentine’s Day. Love is in their air, and it’s contagious, so go catch it. And hopefully you will not get to be without a date next valentine


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