Kelly Brook launches New Look underwear line for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine Day so close new set of beautiful and sexy underwears are been launched,M&S,VS and now Kelly Brook
But believe me they are good you’ll love to get 1 for your queen as a val gift.
Guys, now you’ve ventured into the Clue fashion section because a picture of Kelly Brook in her bra and knickers caught your eye, let us tell you about Valentine’s Day… If your special lady friend tells you she doesn’t want to celebrate it, she’s lying. Any vaguely romantic gesture will do really we’d suggest breakfast in bed with the Marmite spread over the toast to resemble a brown sloppy heart. Just don’t buy her this  underwear and then moan about losing your semi when she doesn’t look anything like Kelly Brook in it. You don’t want to offend her before the end of the month when it’s a leap year now, do you? Oh.
So, here’s Kelly Brook in her latest New Look campaign. Happy 10th February TGIF! Sure, she’s been air brushed to high heaven, but we doubt the pap gave her that privilege when she was spotted cartwheeling on a beach in Brazil earlier this week, and she looks lovely there too and she was worth it.


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