Talking Fashion (Boutique) with Feddy “Jaffk’s Boutique”



Kinda wonder atimes if there were no Boutiques what will happen….Everybody will be a designer?…..Lol. Welcome to Clue Mag [Our Lounge]
Boutiques is one beautiful place that help us spend our money and we always love it, some girls are addicted they can’t just do without the need to help get their money spent,not just their money but their time also, funny how boutiques look these days so colourful, attractive and welcoming they will always give you a reason to spend more time in there and the more time you spend the more things you buy….lol
Talking with Feddy a Boutique Manager for Jaffk’s about her experience and Challenges.
CLUE : Wasup
Feddy: Am cool
CLUE: How rosy has it been with Jaffk’s all these years?
Feddy :Not so rosy i tel u,but we are gradually climbing the ladder. Well,you can only relate how good or bad it is through the profit or loss you make
CLUE: Are you influencing the fashion world in any way with what you sell?
Feddy :I’d like to think we are in the little way we know how, We get as much as we can find in the market, I think we try to touch all areas…… are sure a piece that’s invoke,a piece that’s timeless,a piece that you can match with almost any thing in your wardrobe,so i guess,we try to satisfy as many customer’s fashion taste as we can afford.
CLUE : what’s the latest fashion trend for Males and Females
Feddy : for females………jumpsuits,skinny jeans,lots of embellish jackets,chunky jewellery (Am all about comffy…..not what’s invoke per say)
For males……checked colourful shirts,skinny jeans,sweat shirts,very colourful high tops sneakers, More matured guys……very colourful shirts,Lovely colourful tee’s with catchy captions—–both male & female,Ladies are doing crazy sexy things with ankara too……
CLUE: Wasup? Val is just around the corner
Feddy: Hmmmm Lots of Reds……lingerie for the “hers”,Perfumes for both gender…..and Special Offers too it’s val let’s be in the val mood.
Yeah it’s val let’s be in the mood go get something for your girl and your boy too.

Quote::::Don’t go broke trying to look rich….. Act your WAGE

Boutique Location


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