Call him Mr Spotlyt you’ll not be wrong “it’s a Bad Man Thing” that’s his signature on every track.
CLUE::Your signature is lovely and funky when you say them how did you come about it?
SPOTLYT:: Have always wanted to brand the name spotlyt, and for a very long time have been searching for a way to call my name on tracks Without using the regular pattern and also to make it easy for people to recognise me on songs without having to see me so a friend K9 of Tribe Records came up with it for me “Mr Spotlyt”
CLUE:: Mr Spot You do music what genre of music do you do?
SPOTLYT:: Some say it’s afro hiphop,Some say dance hall,but i call ma kind of music Afro soul hiphop……Oshamo
CLUE:: Wow!That’s like the combo of 3 genre Afro, Soul, Hip pop.
SPOTLYT:: Lmao..Yesooo
CLUE:: For Mr Spot how did you see music
SPOTLYT:: Music is everything to me. Music is love, Asin my own definition of love,my addiction,My gift and my curse,My everything basically
CLUE:: Okay let’s strike a deal I’ll give 20million dollars to forgo music, What do you think?
SPOTLYT:: =º°˚˚˚°ºнaħaнaº°˚˚˚°, then you have given me 20million dollars to forgo my happineess naw,I no 20million dollars is a lot but if the money nogo do anything for my music besides taking it away from me
CLUE:: So you can’t take anything to replace music
SPOTLYT:: I doubt bro,iHave been into it for too long,Na my blood
CLUE:: You first time in the studio?
SPOTLYT:: That was when i was in ss3 2000
CLUE:: How was it?Really bad?Or okay?
SPOTLYT:: Well that time we thought it was good… LoL
CLUE:: Can you still listen to it now and you won’t be ashamed of yourself…. lol
SPOTLYT:: Well yea!!because it sounds pretty lame asin!!!But the good thing is people get to see how much have grown
CLUE:: For some years now that you’ve been in the game what’s your experience
SPOTLYT:: After listening to my old songs well first of all iHave noticed that music is not what people think it is, Its not as easy as people think,e get plenty ups and downs, so you have to love music unconditionally to do it despite its wahala
CLUE:: Different school of thought about music that’ll be encouraging yourself
SPOTLYT::Yea,different school of thought ooo wallai you have to asin seriously
CLUE::How has Music Helped you
SPOTLYT:: Ah!! Different ways oooo, music has taken me places asin really nice places around the country,and have met some really important people,Music makes me feel loved,I think that’s my favourite of all its plenty benefits asin e de make people show me love goooooon
CLUE:: So which will you pick as your first hit
SPOTLYT:: Amongst my songs? I think “Wake up” that song made me popular in my 100level asin people were looking for me up and down in school they wanted to know who did the song
CLUE:: Bad Mama!!!
SPOTLYT:: Yea bad mama is what is on board now
CLUE:: That song is got vibe,strength you can’t just resist
SPOTLYT:: But bad mama as increased my female fan base big time
CLUE:: How did you feel in the studio when you’re doing the recording
SPOTLYT:: Ah!I de always happy that’s why i said, to me bah music na love i love the thing I’m always excited,then i also pray too so people will like it when they listen
CLUE:: Your best performance for now
SPOTLYT:: I think Avant Garde Season 1
SPOTLYT:: My new single niyen, that’s my new baby,Dance hall song with a little bit of soul a song strictly for the grown and sexy…. Oshamo
CLUE:: Actually have listen to the studio leak and it was great iWas dancing actually
SPOTLYT:: Wait you don de work for alaba ni?
CLUE:: Hehehehehe Lol When is the due date
SPOTLYT::Na 12feb…Ah dis one wey you ear the studio leak Ooooooooooose
CLUE:: iThink it will take over from bad mama
SPOTLYT::Amen in Jesus name,Washere for the prayer
CLUE:: So your final word to your Fans out there
SPOTLYT:: I’ll say that God almighty has bless me with them and i pray that i’ll continue to do them proud,and I no go fall their hand,I appreciate there support so much.
Titilayo by Spotlyt 12 Feb 2012 you’ll love to download it




One thought on “TITILAYO By Spotlyt

  1. Tunde says:

    Spaaaaaaaat baby!!! Abeg abeg abeg let em know u are always on point bruv. Laaav ya :)))

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