Get a Guy to Ask You to Be His Valentine

Struggling to get that special someone to ask you to be their valentine? Hate that feeling where everyone has a valentine BUT you? Follow these tips and have the best valentines day of your Life!

1.Communication is KEY! If you don’t talk to the guy you like, there’s no way for him to know that you are into him. Go for a guy that is in your group of friends, or that your at least associated with.

2.Let him know! Boys are human so don’t expect them to read minds. You have to let them in on what your thinking. Sure, it may be scary to tell a boy that you like him, but hey, what’s the worst thing that could happen?

3.Be yourself! The last thing you want is for your guy to fall for the “fake you”. Be yourself at all times and make sure he gets to know you for you, and not for the person who you pretend to be.

4.Prepare for the worst! Since there is no guarantee that he’s going to be into you, you shouldn’t set yourself up for the heartbreak


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