7 Days by Mi and It’s Facts

8 facts about the song #7days.
1. It was written by King Solomon.. In his best seller titled.. ‘The songs of solomon’
2. 7 days was the song God played while creating the world in 7 days
3. Angels cry when they listen to 7 days..
4. #7days was played by NATI troops during world war II and they directly attribute their success to the song.
5. Arsene Wenger made the arsenal team listen to #7days right before the last arsenal game with blackburn 🙂
6. If you listen to #7days while skydiving… You will actually float upwards.
7. ….. #7days
8. 7days cures epilepsy..
Well 7 days is not on IM2… Just a fun song as valentines gift..Go to Chocolate City group dot com and download the new song 7 days….


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