Your Man’s Guide 3 Tips for Picking The Perfect Nightgown For Her

1) Comfort Is King
It’s nearly impossible to sleep if you’re not comfortable and a great night’s sleep depends on more than just soft pillows and snugly blankets. The majority of women do prefer to sleep in some sort of pyjamas (sleeping nude can be sexy for both of you,). Look for pyjamas that aren’t too oversized or tight — the best pyjamas are somewhat fitted. Oversized jammies can become tangled up in the sheets, while tight bed clothes can be too restrictive to help encourage a great night of sleep. Also watch out for seams that are placed in uncomfortable places. It’s said that most people only get around six hours of sleep a night, so do your best to help your wife or girlfriend get a great six.
2) Choose The Right Fabrics
Natural fabrics such as cotton or silk feel great against the skin, but there’s a bigger benefit to choosing fabrics that aren’t man made. For even greater comfort for your loved one, look for something made out of organic cotton. Because this hasn’t been treated with harsh chemicals or pesticides, you can be sure that you’re giving more than just a great night’s sleep. Although silk is a lightweight fabric, it’s actually one of the warmest fabrics out there.
3) Nightgowns? Pants? Shorts? What’s Best?
The style options are practically endless. Some women prefer nightgowns, while others like pyjamas that have pants or shorts. If you’re buying a nightgown, you can consider styles with sleeves, styles with tank style straps or even spaghetti straps. If your wife or girlfriend has a fuller bust, look for a style with a built in shelf bra for a little added support.
Nightgowns are available in nearly every length, from ones that hit just at the hip to ankle length styles. Choose one that will help her be comfortable. For instance, if your wife or girlfriend is self-conscious about her hips, choose a style that comes down a little past the hips. If she is looking for maximum warmth, choose an ankle length version with full sleeves.
If your wife or girlfriend tends to flock towards styles with pants or shorts, look for pyjamas with easy, pull on pants. Elastic waistbands will be comfortable without being restrictive, but make sure to get the right size. A pair that’s too small will be uncomfortable, while a pair that’s too large will need to be tugged into place all night long.


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