“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”
The best way to express our self is through picture,painting it,taking it, picture tell our true emotions we can’t hide it when painting it, even when taking it. Hmmmmm that used to be true that you can’t change picture, you can do all sort on any picture now and it’s still going to look real all thanks to Photo Editors.
IMAGENATION own by Razark Jimoh he’s dedicated in creating pictures,expressing him self through pictures to the world,the nation is filled with image that’s why it’s called iMagenation, you don’t want to believe what he can do to your picture let me give you a clue
-He can place you somewhere fun
-Change you to a cartoon
-Create what he’s feeling in his head at that moment
The list is just endless, let’s take a tour round the nation..Yeah the nation of image.


9 thoughts on “Imagenation

  1. guamen says:

    Yes o! His creactivity is above his imagination. His works keep on encouraging me dt anytin its possible. A true gift to life. Welcome done bro. Keep up d good work. 1 of ur fans.

  2. Ezii says:

    Really proud of you Trey, good job I am impressed

  3. Spectacular display of is awe inspiring n captivating. Keep the good work!

  4. Aeesha says:

    Ur work is rilli amazing and creative..

  5. Nondumiso says:

    Your creativity is so Amazing!! Keep up your Good work

  6. love says:

    Hmm…. This are definitely beautiful! Omo u dey talented jooh!

  7. gidi says:

    Ur work is damn so gud,ur so totally loving it

  8. olamideh says:

    gift of a man makes room for him sure ds is being fulfilled in u,am really proud of u

  9. emerald says:

    AWESOME! I’m proud of ya

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